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We have a great team with over fifty years experience specializing in musculoskeletal, orthopedic, sport, and work injury rehabilitation. Individualized treatments are offered utilizing manual therapy skills and a variety of physical therapy equipment.

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Sports Medicine

Don’t be left out of the game. Are you a dedicated athlete, or weekend warrior? Our staff of physical therapist and athletic trainers have years of experience to share with you. From master swimmers to

Workman’s Compensation

Individualized Care Your work site is unique. Lake Superior Physical Therapy tailors your rehabilitation to your specific job demands. Specific adaptations to your imposed demands. The closer the exercises are to your needs the better your

Pre/Post Surgery

Preventative Care We understand that for most people, surgery is often a last resort. LSPT is a recognized leader in the community for orthopedic outpatient and industrial on-site physical therapy. We offer a sophisticated approach to